Frag Like It's 1999 All Over Again

Quake. Unreal. Half-Life. Do any of these names bring you back memories? Memories of game sessions with your clan friends that dangerously strolled into dawn, looking for servers with the best latency and having the very best keyboard + mouse bindings? And do today's FPS offerings bore you with fluff that you never… » 9/22/14 3:42pm Today 3:42pm

PhoTAYgraphy Club Presents: Summer 2014

At 10:29 p.m. tonight, Summer will officially be over for 2014. Video gaming, conventions, barbeques, museums, vacations, staycations, lakes, beaches and all things that come with the territory are the things you shared with us, Summer. And although we're saying goodbye, our memories have been captured in our hearts… » 9/22/14 12:00pm Today 12:00pm

Haikyuu!!: The Ani-TAY Review

Shoyo Hinata is a diminutive kid who falls in love with volleyball one day while watching the high school national championship game after he saw a short player nicknamed the Little Giant playing for Karasuno High School. Hinata forms a volleyball club at his middle school, but due to lack of members, he has to… » 9/22/14 3:34am Today 3:34am

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun: Rockmandash's Ani-TAY Review

I love a good Shoujo from time to time, and I'm sure you've probably enjoyed some too. They are entertaining, comedic and touch your heart. But what exactly goes into making such a work? Welcome to this review of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, a comedy series about the production of a Shoujo manga. » 9/21/14 6:02pm Yesterday 6:02pm

Aldnoah.Zero: The Ani-TAY Review

In 1972, humans discover an ancient alien hypergate on the moon. Through this hypergate, humanity begins colonizing Mars. It is on Mars that humanity discovers even more advanced technology called Aldnoah. The settlers of Mars claim Aldnoah for themselves and become the Vers Empire. In the process of doing so, they… » 9/21/14 3:05am Yesterday 3:05am

A Final Thought On Gaming "Vs." Feminism - Both "Sides" Are Wrong

I am a gamer. I am also a feminist. Two different ideologies hate me right now, because I dare to be two things at once. Two things that are, definitely, not in any conflict that is not strictly manufactured. After a few days of reflection, and a few conversations about the "big issues" across various media, I feel… » 9/20/14 11:51pm Saturday 11:51pm

The Grand Dream: An Ode to the Imagination of Chrono Trigger

It's Saturday morning, and I call Brian's name. He's asleep on the lower half of our cold, metal bunk bed that Mom purchased out of a catalog. He murmurs something like a growl, but I don't ask for clarification. I bolt down the ladder, race barefoot across the hardwood floor and down into the basement where hints of… » 9/20/14 8:34pm Saturday 8:34pm

Ani-TAY Podcast: After Hours Episode 2

It's been a while since we did one of these, so if you are not familiar with the concept, check out episode 1. After Hours is where we just talk about anything we want, and we certainly did that, but we tried to focus on this season. On this edition of after hours, we didn't have Ken, so Kevin (Rockmandash12) is… » 9/20/14 7:39pm Saturday 7:39pm