Azure Striker Gunvolt: The TAY Review

When I heard about Azure Striker Gunvolt, I was excited. For years now, the guys at Inti Creates has been making great games like Mega Man Zero and ZX, and to hear that they would finally step out of Capcom's shadow and publish their own game was nothing but great news for me. Now that they've put out an eShop game,… » 9/18/14 3:30pm Today 3:30pm

I Own, Unquestionably, The World's Weirdest Pokemon Collection

No, I cannot compete with the people who have somehow collected every piece of Pokemon merchandise on the planet. I often struggle to remember what Dark types are strong against. And honestly? I left the game sometime after Ruby and Sapphire, never to truly come back to it until Pokemon X and Y. » 9/18/14 3:09pm Today 3:09pm

Road Redemption Steam Early Access "Stupid Fun"

Road Redemption was just released on Steam. I played around with it for a bit. It has a lot of additional content than the previously released alpha. There are new maps and modes and a skill progression system. This game is very silly and doesn't attempt realism, which is the highest compliment I can give it. It wants… » 9/18/14 2:51pm Today 2:51pm

Games of Summer 2014 – You Died. You Died. You Died.

From Software and me go back for some years now. The Japanese developer came under my radar upon playing a demo of Armored Core for Playstation. It was (is) any mecha fanboy dream game. Around that same time, Tenchu pretty much sealed the deal for me: A company that understood both mecha and ninjas is surely a… » 9/18/14 2:46pm Today 2:46pm

TAY: Open Forum - "Your Cover Story is Suspect" Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Open Forum, which is hosted by Kotaku's reader-run blog, TAY. This is a place to talk about life, video games, or anything else, so feel free to hop in and join in the topic discussion, or comment about anything. Then, when you're done, feel free to peruse the articles on » 9/18/14 10:00am Today 10:00am