Rockmandash Reviews: Planetarian [Visual Novel]

What do you think about the planetarium? The beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter when. All the stars in the sky are waiting for you.... even as you read through this review. Welcome to Rockmandash Reviews, and next on this Key Marathon is one of the most charming stories I've ever read,… » 7/28/14 12:44pm Today 12:44pm

TAY: Open Forum

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Open Forum, which is hosted by Kotaku's reader-run blog, TAY. This is a place to talk about life, video games, or anything else, so feel free to hop in and join in the topic discussion, or comment about anything. Then, when you're done, you're welcome to peruse the articles on TAY » 7/28/14 10:00am Today 10:00am

Fate/stay night 2014.... Unlimited Blade Works + Heaven's Feel?

For those of you who were under the impression that the new Fate/stay night was going to be a new story which acts as a sequel to Fate/Zero, or if you are a saber lover, you're out of luck. Ufotable & Type-Moon did a live stream announcement yesterday, and what we are getting for the TV anime is a split cour… » 7/27/14 4:36pm Yesterday 4:36pm

Tay Explores Archetypes: The Badass

Hello everyone, it was a very busy week for me this week and so I won't be reviewing a comic this time. Instead, I'm going to talk about a character archetype I've been seeing quite a bit recently, the badass character. Specifically, it seems like the many popular series right now have a badass main character and I've… » 7/27/14 2:24pm Yesterday 2:24pm

Three Things I Liked and Didn't Like About Destiny

I went into the Destiny beta expecting to play it for an hour and drop it. Surprisingly, it was the first online game to hook me in a long time. With the beta winding to a close, I decided to compile a list of the top three things I liked and didn't like after spending numerous hours playing it over the last week. » 7/26/14 10:19pm Saturday 10:19pm