Pokemon Tourney DAY TWO!

Tonight/day is the second day/night of the Pokemon TAYnament! Here's how it works - Post what times you are available (don't forget your timezone) and reply to others who have made their times available to set up a time to battle (Even if that time is in five minutes). Post your Friend Codes with your posts as well.… » 8/30/14 9:30am Today 9:30am

Graveyard Shift - Is this the future you had in mind?

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Graveyard Shift, the nightly hang-out hosted by Kotaku's reader-run blog, TAY. This is a place to talk about anything - your lives, your gaming habits, or whatever else you desire. Hop on in and join the discussion! When you're done here, you could always go check out the articles over at » 8/29/14 8:00pm Yesterday 8:00pm

TAY Blip: PHC Doing R-Type Livestreaming Marathon - What Time?

Hyello komrades, I have decided to do an R-Type Marathon. I can't do either of the other two I suggested. For the uDraw one, I wasn't able to get a copy of Pictionary as easily as I'd hoped, but I do have the other two titles and I did order a copy online from Quebec, so I should be able to get that marathon going in… » 8/29/14 7:27pm Yesterday 7:27pm

Super Smash Bros. Soundtrack for Registrants

Nintendo just made a post on the Smash page about an interesting offer. If you register both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the new Super Smash Bros. games, you'll receive a special soundtrack. They even went ahead and offered a few samples of the types of tracks that you can expect. » 8/29/14 1:51pm Yesterday 1:51pm

TAY: Open Forum

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Open Forum, which is hosted by Kotaku's reader-run blog, TAY. This is a place to talk about life, video games, or anything else, so feel free to hop in and join in the topic discussion, or comment about anything. Then, when you're done, feel free to peruse the articles on TAY, » 8/29/14 10:00am Yesterday 10:00am