A community calendar - The TAYlendar


Yes, a community calendar or a TAYlendar if you will. Why?

Well besides the big event such as E3. *Other events (TAY events count) such as anime/gaming/fantasy conventions, major gaming tournaments, game music orchestra tours, and other (charity work count!) related events, also take place, and we might missed one such awesome event! YES! Even game release! It may have been just a state over or right under our nose. So why not share some of that local fun?

Or maybe you're unable to attend any event, but know the live streaming of tournaments, and maybe friendly reminder of the starting day is all you need or might be able to share ^^;

Or just knowing when 'free doughnut day' is... >.>

But the core idea is, "HEY! There is a tournament/convention just one state over or just around the corner." And "I wonder if any one around these parts knows more about it?" Or would like to set up a TAY meet up :D

And let us know how it went. ;)

So, fellow TAYers, feel free to chime in, and help fill the TAYlendar! As it is empty.

But how does is this even going to work? : /

Well... here is how it should....

  • It is a public document so ANY ONE CAN EDIT IT/ add *events!
  • I'll update the month with dates.
  • For now, 4 month at a time seem easy to follow.
  • Will be posted as a Tay-blip at the end of two weeks or whatever feel right.
  • TAYlendar is the tag.

So without further delay here it is...

The TAYlendar

——>>>Please let me know how it can be better, and make this work!<<<——

After some Feedback...

  • Dark Green is reserved for games releases (don't go out of you way if you don't know any!). [GBD]
  • Instead of using the standard black, an event can have a custom color; it means you want to meet up with fellow TAYers for that set event. [Astrokid]
  • Let TAYer know who it is, by typing your username in that set color in the section labeled 'notes'.