TAY Time Chat: Walk, Don't RunS

Happy Tuesday, TAY, and welcome to our little afternoon chat! As a member of Team Light Brigade, I'm having to count my points by time spent as opposed to miles at the moment since I still can't jog for very long. My endurance is severely lacking, and for that I apologize, but I'm sure we'll be victorious! Mainly because we have more people >.<

News Roundup!

  • Proving once again that the only thing separating Australia and Florida is the accent, a dude attempting to scare some friends by jumping out of a washing machine realized he was wedged in, and had to be rescued with olive oil.
  • I doubt this is news to Neryl, but some Satanists in Oklahoma have unveiled their plans for a monument in Oklahoma City, which has two children looking at a humanoid chupacabra like he's Santa Claus. I really wish I was making this up.
  • Also I don't know why this is a news story but Spirit Airlines made a pot joke and it's actually kind of funny.

Fun Fact:

  • One of the weapons wielded by Johanna Mason in the wildly-popular Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, was purchased off of Amazon from United Cutlery (link goes to the color I had up last night because I'm lazy), and the other was just a scaled up prop version. United Cutlery is now getting the license to sell the enlarged version alongside the other weapons in the M48 Kommando line.