Tay movie night

Hey. Like, what's up guys?

What film would those of you attending movie night this thursday like to watch? Movie night is at 8pm central. Standard time. Not un-standard time. Show up at 8pm on the moon or something.

We talked last time about maybe westerns? Unforgiven I know came up. If people want to I'm down, otherwise let's just keep that idea in our back pocket. Otherwise whatever you guys bring up I'm game for. Though Troma does have a youtube channel now. Like all the Troma movies, uncut somehow. Tromeo and Juliet anyone?

I'll be doing b-movie club tonight. I was going to use the aim chat, but it's all unwieldy and I don't know. I'll wait around there but I'm thinking now about using irc. Just go to the irc site, http://webchat.irchighway.net/ and type in taymovies. One word. Will be Hell Comes to Frogtown and Beastmaster. 2 movies.