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Things from around TAY that are good:

Let's talk console commercials. Here's the Xbone's:

And here's the PS4's:

Based solely on the commercials, I would personally buy a PS4. The Xbox one has the games and real life events inviting the players in, but they aren't games or events I personally enjoy, and it's done in a very impersonal way, like they've randomly picked the guy in question. But the PS4's, which shows two guys basically spending a day playing multiplayer PVP for a day, appeals to me a lot more, even though I really don't play that much multiplayer. And that's something I've noticed since the PS3's "Michael" campaign: Sony knows how to hit the right emotional queues for me at least to want their consoles and games. Whereas the Xbox commercials have heroes dragging ordinary folk in, the PS4 commercial has players being heroes of their own stories, bonding over mutual violence and competition, and having a damn good time. And I just really like that.

Bonus music!

This song is everything my inner twelve year old needs, with pouring blood and an ending explosion and it rocks.