Sunday Brunch: The “Oh My God Kinja Ate My Article” EditionS

Hello, TAY, and welcome to Sunday Brunch! We're a little bit slow this morning, but maybe the news will wake us up!

News from the Outside

Though this concept began in 2011, the internet has been buzzing recently about a virtual supermarket in a Seoul subway. The market is operated by Homeplus, a subsidary of the UK's Tesco, and is simply a subway wall covered in photographs of the market's products with QR codes beneath. Purchasing requires scanning the code, transmitting funds through a system like PayPal or Google Wallet, and waiting for the delivery to show up at your house. I could never use this system myself, as I like sniffing fresh produce before I buy it, but it still seems pretty awesome, especially for busy inner cities.

Leaving the peninsula and heading for the mainland, China has replaced guard dogs with geese! According to the police, the geese have better hearing and start making their own noise much quicker than the dogs did. Additionally, their crappy eyesight means the geese won't see and eat poisoned food, which was a severe problem for the dogs. This theory was actually proven

Going northeast, here's what happens when a Russian gets drunk in a tank. Which could also be written as "here's what happens when Russians exist", honestly.

Hat tip to TUT for this week's world news!

Local News

Results are in for TAYV Movie Night, and we're watching Tremors on Thursday at 9 pm EDT for US timezones and Saturday at 5 pm EDT for our mates across the pond. If you're in China you're screwed, I guess.

In the terribly long roundup this week, Zarnyx threatened me with more Buffy jokes if I didn't include my examination of Tomb Raider's potential as an archery instructor. So of course, I have to include her SnackTAYku review of Shake Shack's homage to the pig. Sir Trey's Agency Group keeps chugging along, and my favorite this was week was definitely his addition of Mirror's Edge. PHC began his own public service previewing Steam Greenlight games for us. Marsh's column responses as the self-titled Video Games expert are picking up the pace, with Nach trying to figure out how to swim taking my cake. Plus there were two great anime reviews, Damson displaying horrifying amounts of road rage, and our very first themed session ofPhO-TAYgraphy Club. And on the heartwarming side of things, ToxicBunnies and DocSeuss proved why we here at TAY really are a family.

For our recurring series, I'm thinking of creating a column archive, where the tags from each series can be saved for posterity, like JJ's Lost Nintendo IP, Fyst's Saturday Morning Cartoons, or the long abandoned TAY Kribz tag. How does that sound to you guys?

Fun Facts

Sunday Brunch: The “Oh My God Kinja Ate My Article” EditionS

  • In Super Mario Bros, the bushes are just green recolors of the clouds.
  • On the vein of Final Fantasy being shortened to FaiFan in Japan, Capcom is short for Capsule Computers and Sega is Service Games.
  • After Nintendo wrapped development on Twilight Princess, Shigeru's team inserted their personal Miis in the places of the NPCs and did a playthrough to relax and wind down.
  • The original starting town in Pokemon Gold and Silver was named Silent Hills. It should be obvious why they changed that one.

Quotes for the Week

No quotes this week, because Kinja ate my damn article and I just spent the past hour rewriting it. However, share any memorable quotes that might be inspirational or hilarious in the comments below!

Food for Thought

Where do you draw the line between media consumer and creator? So much of fandom revolves around creating extra content that it seems proper consumption now requires creation. Is that really the case now?

Seriously, Kinja, you suck. A lot.