TAY Explores Comics: Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

Recently, I've been watching a lot of GRArkada's anime reviews, which are pretty darn awesome, but his most recent video on Hidamari Sketch started to make think about my own taste in media. Specifically, when Arkada described the slice of life genre as a genre about "nothing," I began thinking about why I like this… » 8/25/14 6:52pm Monday 6:52pm

Rockmandash Reviews: Clannad [Visual Novel & Anime]

It's only once in a blue moon that you'll run into a story that fundamentally changes who you are. Clannad is a show that changed how I viewed the world, and how I treat others. I love it for what it did, and for what it is, and it'll always hold a special place in my heart. Welcome to Rockmandash Reviews, and today… » 8/25/14 6:01pm Monday 6:01pm

TAY Explores Comics: Ore ga Doutei o Sutetara Shinu Ken ni Tsuite

What if I had a chance to redo something that could have changed my life? Would I work harder to make sure that this event turned out in my favor? Would my life be better if I decided to change myself more? I would often ask myself these questions after I discovered that I got a B+ on a test in high school. Questions… » 8/19/14 7:09pm 8/19/14 7:09pm

Shiki : Ani-TAY Retroish Review

I know I'm not alone in my predicament as a horror fan. I have such devotion to the genre, despite being constantly disappointed by its offerings, always holding out for a gem here and there. Enter Shiki (literally "corpse demon"), the story of a backwoods Japanese village named Sotoba that is plagued by a sudden rash… » 8/11/14 9:30am 8/11/14 9:30am

MainProtagonist's 10 Favorite Anime Openings Ever. Of All Time.

Hi everyone! After reading Koda's Top 10 Summer 2014 Anime Openings, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, those are all pretty good, but what would I consider my all-time favorites?" So after organizing my thoughts I decided that I'd share them with everyone. I decided on these openings by measuring how well I think they fit… » 8/06/14 8:08pm 8/06/14 8:08pm

Koda's Top 10 Summer 2014 Anime Openings

Hey y'all! It's that time yet again. It's a new anime season and that means a new batch of anime openings. Like I have done twice before I am going to share my personal favorites of the season. This time around we have a season seemingly filled to the brim with some quality openings, making this easily the hardest… » 8/05/14 9:22pm 8/05/14 9:22pm