(Ani)TAYbletop Tuesday: Role Play Stories Worth Watching

I am part of what has to be the flakiest DnD group ever. We started our quest for...something...almost a year and a half ago. We are a gnome wizard, a human monk, an orc barbarian, a human cleric, and a half-elf ranger (that's a-me). For most of my party, it was the first time any of us had played DnD or tabletop rpgs… » 4/15/14 9:40am Yesterday 9:40am

Dex's Review: Cross Game

I have a confession to make. I'm not a fan of American Football. My real sports passion comes from the American pastime Baseball. So when Aestevalis recommended Cross Game to us in the first episode of the Ani-TAY Podcast, I went ahead and stuck it on my "medium priority" list. It was promptly finished in a week. » 4/15/14 8:00am Yesterday 8:00am

Rockmandash Reviews - I/O [Visual Novel]

Ever 17 is a fantastic visual novel written by Kotaro Uchikoshi and Takumi Nakazawa. While Uchikoshi and his Zero Escape series has been getting a lot of attention, the directer and other writer for ever 17, Takumi Nakazawa has been getting absolutely no attention at all, and that ignoring by western fans continues to… » 4/14/14 7:25pm Monday 7:25pm

Trainime - New Season Impressions Part 2

Hi guys! Welcome back to another round of impressions for the new season. So, I was a tad underwhelmed with the new shows this season, as of last week's set of impressions, there were a few that were truly interesting, but most were, just, kind of there. This week has turned that around drastically and a number of the… » 4/13/14 9:44pm Sunday 9:44pm

BREAKING: Ani-TAY Assimilates National Car Dealerships

In a stunning turn of events, Ani-TAY, a group founded in the bowels of Kotaku's reader-run blog Talk Amongst Yourselves, has won a lawsuit stating that ownership of the premises, all vehicles located within, and their inventories, should be transferred to the Ani-TAY group as vehicles and buildings are featured in… » 4/13/14 7:03pm Sunday 7:03pm

Ani-Tay Podcast After-Hours Episode 1

After deliberating between ourselves, we decided we should do an after-hours episode. Difference is we'll discuss everything and anything that was left out from the main podcast episode. This episode has Ken, David and Kevin as your usual members with a special guest Koda(Koda89) Also be reading out some user comments… » 4/11/14 12:00am Friday 12:00am

Koda's Winter 2014 Anime Season Awards

Hey everybody! As we start the Spring 2014 anime season, I thought it was a good idea to give one last look back at the Winter 2014 season, and honor what I thought was the best of the best for the season. Overall the Winter 2014 season was a rather disappointing one all things told, but even then there were still some … » 4/08/14 7:16pm 4/08/14 7:16pm

Ani-TAY: Buddy Complex Review and Discussion

Today UI 2.0 and I take on Buddy Complex with the discussion-style review we popularized with the Golden Time review earlier this week. As opposed to Golden Time, we actually managed to agree on most points. So come join us as we explore the Sunrise mecha show Buddy Complex. » 4/07/14 8:00am 4/07/14 8:00am

Ani-Tay Podcast YouTube Channel!

Hey, Rockmandash here, and I got a YouTube channel for the Ani-Tay Podcast working. It didn't feel right to not have a YouTube and be a podcast, so I made one by myself. Wondering why Fruity didn't post this like the other Ani-Tay Podcast posts? That's because Fruity didn't really have any involvement of the production … » 4/05/14 12:00pm 4/05/14 12:00pm

Rockmandash Reviews - Steins;Gate [Visual Novel & Anime]

Welcome to my Steins;Gate review! This time, I thought that there were enough differences to the Visual Novel and Anime that I would do a separate review of each. This article is here just for the purposes of linking to the reviews, and so I'm not spamming TAY. » 4/03/14 12:00pm 4/03/14 12:00pm

Wake Up, Girls!: The Ani-TAY Review

A few weeks ago I wrote a review over the film Wake Up, Girls! - Seven Idols, the first part of the Wake Up, Girls! anime and real life idol project created to help give the Sendai region a boost as it still recovers from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Now it is time to look at the second part of the project, the… » 4/01/14 5:48pm 4/01/14 5:48pm