Parasyte -the maxim-: The Ani-TAY Review

One night, tennis ball-sized spores descended upon the Earth carrying a deadly cargo within. Housed inside each spore was a worm-like parasite whose goal is to burrow into the brains of humans, effectively killing the host and taking over their body. These creatures can morph the heads of their host bodies into a… » 3/26/15 2:45am Yesterday 2:45am

Opinion: In the end,"Akame Ga Kill"' only killed its potential greatness

Disclaimer: The following is an opinion piece, and therefore, should be seen as such. Also, heavy spoilers for both the anime and manga versions of the series (along with other, older anime/manga) will be featured in this article. Also, please excuse the lack of visual flair, since its my first attempt at this.
» 3/25/15 8:49am Wednesday 8:49am

Code Geass & Code Geass R2: The WyvernZero Ani-TAY Review

Code Geass is, at its heart, a story about two best friends on opposite sides of a war with differing ideas and ideologies working towards the same ultimate goal: the noble prince exiled to Japan who wishes revenge for the death of his mother and abandonment of his sister, and the son of Japan's last Prime Minister… » 3/23/15 6:30pm Monday 6:30pm

​Rockmandash Reviews: Anime Backlog Review Gauntlet #2

Welcome back to the SUPER DELUXE ANIME BACKLOG REVIEW GAUNTLET EXTRAVAGANZA, the fantastic and super amazing article series where I do mini-reviews of shows I've been watching recently that was in my backlog. This time we have interesting OVAs, and amazing shows that everyone should watch! » 3/23/15 2:01pm Monday 2:01pm

Trainime Reviews - Caboose Edition! 

So, as some people have pointed out this season has been perceived to be slow or worse compared to others, I don't know if that's necessarily true, but I found my weekly watching habits in a bit of a lull this season. So, to make up for that and fill my anime addiction, I binge watched a whole bunch of shows in my… » 3/17/15 3:15pm 3/17/15 3:15pm

Rockmandash Reviews: Never 7: The End of Infinity [Visual Novel]

Have you ever experienced something well regarded and great, then looked back to see what the creator has made before, only to be disappointed by the results? Today on Rockmandash Reviews, I'm reviewing the beginning of the Infinity series, Never 7: The End of Infinity, a game that's remarkably average on almost… » 3/17/15 12:40am 3/17/15 12:40am

Naka-kon 2015: The First Day

In a place like Kansas, you wouldn't expect any major convention to exist. While Naka-kon may not pull the numbers of some of the largest crowds (I'm looking at you, Otakon), it has thus far been more than enjoyable. The convention had over 7000 guests last year, and is likely to increase those numbers this year,… » 3/14/15 2:13am 3/14/15 2:13am

Shonen Jump Round Up: Bleach 618 & 619 and One Piece 779

Welcome back to the round up, everyone! After missing last week due to an vile incursion of REAL LIFE BIZ, we're back with an extra fat installment. So, we'll be doing the two most recent chapters of Bleach and one chapter of One Piece (there was no new chapter of that this week). Let's get on with it! » 3/12/15 9:51pm 3/12/15 9:51pm

The Thrill of the Game: Why I Love Sports Anime

I am a huge fan of sports, like a massive uber fan. There's only a handful of sports I actively disdain in every capacity (like golf, motorsports, and cricket to name a few) so being a fan of both sports and anime it would seem like a no-brainer that I'd like sports anime, right? Well, that's where you'd be somewhat… » 3/09/15 9:51pm 3/09/15 9:51pm

There are good English anime song covers? Yes, yes there are.

I don't know about you, but for most of my time watching anime I've had to accept the fact that people will make English covers of anime openings and endings, and that they will without a doubt sound awful. I mean, I don't expect much from amateur Youtube artists, but that doesn't mean I wanted to listen to them.… » 3/06/15 5:36pm 3/06/15 5:36pm

The Spring 2015 Anime Sequel Guide

Anime sequels! The ones releasing in the Spring 2015 season, to be exact. That's what this article is all about. The following list serves as a guide, telling you what you need to watch and how much time you need to devote to get caught up. There are numerous shows spanning an array of tastes, so you'll surely find… » 3/05/15 1:14pm 3/05/15 1:14pm

Where to Start with Anime: An Overly Specific Guide (Part 1?)

There comes a point in all of our lives when we are privy to a certain conversation. Maybe we're being asked directly, maybe we're listening in on others, or maybe we're just lurking on a comment thread online. Someone doesn't watch anime. Someone wants to know where to start. The usual tactic is to recommend some… » 3/04/15 10:07am 3/04/15 10:07am

Heroic Age: Exile's Ani-TAY Review

Heroic Age is an interesting anime; another instance of Japan looking into the mythology of the wider world and thinking "Hey, that sounds cool, let's take it and see what we can build with it." Purists might find such an attitude offensive; personally I find it respectful in a way. From Evangelion's use of Kabbalic… » 3/02/15 9:24pm 3/02/15 9:24pm