The Seedy Social Experiments of Animal Crossing

At some point, and very early on in my Animal Crossing's town's short existence, a green parrot named Frank moved in. He and I did not get along the minute he opened that brutish mouth of his. He sounded mean and gruff, and spoke Animalese in a tone that was very much like how Okami's Susano sounds. » 10/10/13 10:01am 10/10/13 10:01am

Your Favourite Worst Nightmare: Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Your Home Town: You’ve just about forgotten the day you stepped off that train into a life of Inadvertent Leadership. Neighbros have come and gone. Friends have visited your larger than life world with its zen garden, and the lonely lighthouse keeping watch over the cliff as it ushers Kappa safe passage to the… » 10/01/13 10:40pm 10/01/13 10:40pm

This Week's Crossover Junction! "Animal Instincts"

I mean, what else are the fire hydrants for? I put it up in my town and I destroyed it soon after it was (probably) made forever unclean by Lobo and other canines...The nerve of them. Public indecency could and would have been stopped in this instance but it doesn't help that the only two police officers in the… » 9/28/13 5:44pm 9/28/13 5:44pm