On: Why We Play Games

Hello Everyone! I'm fairly new around here and this is my first post in TAYClassic, but for a while I've had this urge to start a series or blog that offers my personal perspective on topics related to games and their design. You see, a lot of the time I find that I have a lot to say on a given subject, but the people… » 3/23/14 12:44am 3/23/14 12:44am

TAY ABCs: Random

Alright, you know what to do. First reply starts the chain, and everybody add to that. Now, special rules for this time. USE ONLY THE MOST RANDOM THING POSSIBLE. No "B is for beer" or "C is for Cat". Stuff like "B is for Blastula" or "C is for Cremation", ok? The more random and intricate, the better. Oh, and post pictures if… » 5/04/13 1:22am 5/04/13 1:22am