Meek Monday Morning

Hello everyone, here's TheUnfathomableTruth again, being that odd kid in the corner who sat there watching and thinking about stuff instead of shoving crayons up his nose. Don't say I didn't warn you about the meandering nature of this specific post, so proceed at your own discretion . . . » 5/20/13 4:33am 5/20/13 4:33am

That One Column Thing TUT Usually Posts Today

Awh, yea. I feel sufficiently energetic to type this out today. I'm not as spazzy as I was on Friday, but I feel like being productive today. So, how was everyone this weekend? It was a pretty slow Fri-Sun huh? Isn't it funny how we all decided to do other stuff on this weekend? Although I doubt it, the weekend… » 5/13/13 2:33pm 5/13/13 2:33pm

Mild Monday Morning

Monday! Well, as I said before, this post is generally to just put something out there for people to kill time or whatever and have something to think about other than just mindlessly performing tasks like the soulless drones we all are. . . . . we all are that way, right?? Whatever. Anyways, apologies for replying… » 4/15/13 11:59am 4/15/13 11:59am

Mega Metal Monday: Allegaeon

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if you remember, but in Old TAY, I had this MMM thing going on, and I figured I should give it a try on here, because why not? » 4/01/13 12:26pm 4/01/13 12:26pm