Some Thoughts on Transistor

As many have expected, Supergiant Games' Transistor, their second game after their fantastic Bastion, is equally as wonderful. The game brings all of the passion and class that its predecessor had, and then some. Having just finished my second playthrough, I still can't get this game out of my head. It really is a… » 5/30/14 12:56am 5/30/14 12:56am

The Megas: History Repeating Red is OUT NOW!

The Megas may be one of my favorite bands ever, which shouldn't be surprising as I'm a giant Megaman nerd, and they are a megaman tribute band. Putting a rock opera to the soundtracks of Megaman games, History Repeating: Red is the 2nd half of Megaman 3. I'm downloading now, and I recommend any other fans to get over… » 5/14/14 6:41pm 5/14/14 6:41pm