Why Smash Bros. Is More Than Just a Game

There need be no reason whatsoever to drop whatever it is we're doing to play Smash Bros on any given day of the week. I haven't got a single friend who isn't ready to throw down the gauntlet when the word Smash is dropped in conversation. That said, I can tell you without hesitation which entry of the series was the… » 11/20/14 10:00pm Thursday 10:00pm

The Lisbon Games Week 2014 Report

Today I earn my TAY field reporter badge. Instead of the usual anime /retro game / music making binge, I took my camera phone and went to this years (the very first!) edition of Lisbon Games Week, Portugal's very own tiny e3. Slowly but surely, we are indeed beginning to have a "proper" video game industry in my… » 11/08/14 5:23pm 11/08/14 5:23pm