Molten-Hot Magmar (No Pranks This Time!) Pokemon One a Day!

» 4/02/14 9:35pm 4/02/14 9:35pm

Notice the new header!? Spiffy, huh? I was forced to make one since I may have saved over yesterday's header template after making a unique one for MissingNo...D'oh! But the new one fits the newer resolution so there's that! What do you think!? Ehh, who cares! The main art is down below - Read the write up and check… » 4/02/14 9:35pm 4/02/14 9:35pm

MissingNo! Pokemon One a Day: April Fool's Edition (Title Updated)

Edit: This post came out on April Fool's Day, touting a Magmar reveal to only be a bait and switch for the now iconic and legendary pixelated glitch demon MissingNo. The new title and image header has been updated for archival sakes. Sorry if you missed out on the gag yesterday! The piece will continue as it appeared… » 4/01/14 7:56pm 4/01/14 7:56pm