TAY Snacktaku: Five Guys

Do you like burgers? How about good burgers? Ever heard of Five Guys? The place is supposedly so good, that they boast that burger connoisseurs make an annual pilgrimage to the original establishment in Arlington, Virginia, and sacrifice a five calves in order to gain the favor of the carnivore god . . . Ok, I made… » 7/02/13 4:06am 7/02/13 4:06am

TAY Snacktaku: Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 3/4 Lb Triple Cheeseburger

Us short guys are apparently expected to "compensate" for our height in different ways. Some buy themselves a Hummer. Others may purchase a magnum revolver with a 12" barrel. Me, I buy myself big meals. It's been a tough day, I was starving, and I figured my cardiovascular system needs a nice shock. I didn't feel… » 5/03/13 10:14pm 5/03/13 10:14pm