Dear Video Game Expert: Are You There Gob? It's a-Me, Mario.

DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: I've always been the average joe with a blue collar job. And I've got a call to fix some plumbing issues. Instead I was in front of a castle filled with death traps. But being an honest man with an honest job, I've got to earn my money. I reach the end and instead of finding a plumbing…

» 11/27/13 2:53pm 11/27/13 2:53pm

Dear Video Game Expert: What Would Sephiroth Do?

DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: Why when I'm walking on the hills and plains of Gaia (FFVII) why do I get randomly attacked by invisible enemies? and how do they get their invisible status? it's so random =( sometimes I just want to enjoy the sea breeze not fighting some weird animals and/or machine!-NACH

» 11/01/13 10:53am 11/01/13 10:53am


DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: Maybe it's my burning fist of justice and my hardboiled checkered past but all the bosses that I've defeated has been vaporized into oblivion. Some instantaneously and others are a slow burn. But all vaporized, nonetheless. However, for the strangest reason, I cannot seem to vaporized that…

» 9/27/13 2:01pm 9/27/13 2:01pm

Dear Video Game Expert: Level Up Your Workout

DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: What is this grinding everyone speaks of? I am sure I am not playing a Pro skateboard game where you grind for high score. Every one says grind to get stronger. How do I grind in this game has it swords and shields not skateboards and and railing. I think maybe these thief guys can but still…

» 9/10/13 5:01pm 9/10/13 5:01pm

Dear Video Game Expert: Stop-and-Frisk, Rock Sirloin

DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: I am an up-and-coming adventurer, and I love to travel. While I spend most of my time trekking across mountains, forests, and deserts (plus the occasional airship excursion!), cities are by far my favorite places to visit. I love checking out local item shops and chatting with the…

» 9/04/13 11:12am 9/04/13 11:12am

Dear Video Game Expert: It's Good For You!

DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: My parents and school teachers and other trusted adults always told me I should never eat food and drinks and stuff that are on the ground or on dead corpses. My friends say that floor food is actually really good for you and can make you stronger. Who do I listen to?- JOSAY

» 8/15/13 10:47am 8/15/13 10:47am

Dear Video Game Expert: Who's the Boss?

DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: I'm playing a game it's and it's really great! But now I'm stuck, can you help me out? I'm fighting a boss, it's going great, but then a red circle appears on the ground around me, I continue firing away at the boss and all of a sudden I explode and die! What am I doing wrong? Sincerely,… » 8/08/13 9:07am 8/08/13 9:07am


DEAR VIDEO GAME EXPERT: I've been playing this Japanese RPG game for like 3 straight hours. I love all this majestic sounding music and every character wears a neon porcupine on their head. I just love it. BUT, I still haven't been able to save my game. Ugh! I'm so annoyed! Why can't I just save my progress…

» 7/30/13 6:16pm 7/30/13 6:16pm