So we get into these discussions on TAY and I wondered what would help. As a tool I thought that thinking about what sort of future we wanted TAY to have would be the strongest. Without too much meandering let's try to just openly imagine what sort of future we want TAY to have and how it would be achieved.

So, I like that TAY is flexible and can house a lot of different ideas. As well it's a chance to meet people and create peer relationships. I had posted a few write ups but it wasn't until getting involved in the movie night that I really felt like the people of TAY had accepted me. Or at least that they might recognize my name and reply to my posts.

To me I'd love for TAY to be able to grow in that way with people working on lots of extra curricular events throughout the week and such. A chance to hang out beyond the open forum and maybe come up with ideas to work on which leads to my second idea.

TAY seems it's best when we work together and come up with interesting ideas for writing on. Writing on anime or whatnot, having photography clubs - these are little clubs that bring us together and I think that's one of the best aspects of TAY. But I'd love for us to work on helping others start projects. You know, be more open if a person says they want to try something: take an hour out of your week to work on an idea of someone else.

Eventually I sort of imagine in a year we could have so many different ways for people to find community on TAY and none of it is stuff anyone has to do but the point if we care about TAY we need to work on making our community not just the type of place we want to hang out but making sure others are welcome. To me this could lead to a really creative and interesting future where people could come to TAY to check up on a variety of issues from new games to old ones to education or other critique of any media people want.

So, that's kind of my thoughts on a future I'd like to see and I can judge issues that come up based on whether they lead to that or not. What does everyone else think? Where do you want TAY to go in the next year? I'd love for TAY to stay sociable and fun, but I also want people to find an outlet for their creativity and passion beyond what's already here.

Not that there's anything wrong with it now.

So what do you guys imagine? Should we be less formal or more? More activities or less? More clubs or less? (I kind of think clubs would be cool. So sue me)