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WAZZUP. I'm Astro, your new Wednesday host, or ReBuffy if you prefer! I'll be pretty random with my topics but today I'm going to be predictable and talk about cosplay.

First up, cool articles from around TAY:

And now for the forum topic. Last night was the season finale of Heroes of Cosplay, which featured some insanely stupid moments that anyone with half a brain could have figured out. Perhaps the worst, in my opinion, is the skit performed by Yaya Han's group. They tried to do costumes based on America McGee's Alice: Madness Returns, except none of them knew the plot of the game even slightly, and one of the girls thought that sexy Cheshire Cat was a good idea. I want to know what you guys think about prerequisite knowledge in competitive cosplay (not normal old cosplay, you can do whatever the hell you want for that, I mean cosplay where you'll be getting $100 or more out of it). Should you have played the game ahead of time? Is just reading a wiki okay? What about not bothering and just picking a costume out of the blue?

For those that don't care about such trivial things, how's GTAV going? I wouldn't know, I don't have that console, but I do have horribly out of context pictures that I can share!

TAY Open ForumS

I dunno, you're welcome. Anyways, go forth and TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!