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Car wrecks. They happen. One happened to me this morning. I was asleep in the passenger seat and my brother rear-ended a mom who was braking erratically. Honestly, my bro was probably tailgating too. We got lucky, because there was no damage to her car and the only damage to ours was a crumpled license plate (surprising because we were in a big ole' Tahoe and she was in a Civic), but it made me think about GTA and how car crashes tend to go down. So, question for those of you who actually play: if you stop and get out without brandishing a weapon, does the game precede to do what real life does, with the person you hit asking for insurance? I think it would be hilarious if it did, but I also have a twisted sense of humor.

However none of that matters because MEGA CHARIZARD X IS DRAGON TYPE AND ALSO BLUE

TAY Open ForumS

For once in my life I may have to give in and buy a Pokemon game.

But enough of my rambling. TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!