TAY Snacktaku: The Perfect Food for Oral SurgeryS

Today, I had my wisdom teeth removed. All four were badly impacted, so some of my jaw was removed to get at them, and they had no choice but to hit one of the nerves. I was put to sleep during the surgery, and the post op consisted of a wheelchair, crying, drooling blood, my baby brother holding up my head the whole drive back, and 4 hours of sleep. So from midnight to four after noon, I had neither food nor water. Water was easy enough to remedy, but food less so.

This is my mom's potato soup. It's got potatoes and fresh parmasan cheese, and that's it. It also tastes like heaven hot or cold, and when it's lukewarm, it's perfect for eating with sore gums. The starchiness fills you up faster than tomatoes, and the cheese gives it a wonderful flavor to take your mind off the pain and ice packs.

And here's TUT's response to how high I still am:

Big thanks to him for making me a writer here!

EDIT: So some of you smartasses want to know the recipe. Lucky for all and sundry, it's super duper easy. Grab yourself a giant bag of potatoes, at least five pounds worth, and chop them up. Toss them in a giant pot and completely cover them with water and boil them until they're nice and tender. You should probably add in a dash or two of salt at that point. Pour out most of the water, leaving a little bit in, and mash about half of the potatoes, or more if you want it creamier and less chunky. Pour in milk and stir until it thins up enough to qualify as soup, and shred some fresh Parmesan into it. Boom. Potato soup. If it's not salty enough, add some, otherwise it should be good to eat straight.