TAY Time Chat: Michael Bay Appreciation PostS

Michael Bay is the butt of so many jokes these days, it's hard to forget how important his contributions to cinema have been. I personally believe we'd all be lost if we couldn't compare the mostly stellar but clearly derivative Pacific Rim with the fun but ultimately awful Transformers franchise. I wouldn't have gotten a few new Linkin Park tracks to listen to (which the internet got to make fun of) and no one would be able to behold the beauty that is drunk people singing Aerosmith's ultimate sellout hit. Without Michael Bay, you wouldn't have half the punchline of Hot Fuzz, or an example of how product placement can ruin a really great scifi concept. In short, Michael Bay is almost as important as Uwe Boll because his utter terribleness makes good films look so much better, and for that, we should raise our drinks in salute.

News Roundup!

  • Gravity topped the worldwide box offices this weekend, but not Neil deGrasse Tyson's heart.
  • You might want to think twice about holding up a train with your back to the interior. (Old video is old, but still funny.)
  • This adorable kitten was so weak when he was rescued that he had to learn to walk with a PVC walker supporting his weight. Now he walks just fine, albeit with a bit of a wiggle.
  • Occasionally, bringing a knife to a gunfight is a very good idea, especially when the gun is a .22 and the knife is a very big machete. What a badass.

I've got nothing else.