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8 days til Halloween! I'm getting really excited, are you?

I really wish Costume Quest was a multiplayer game, or had a multiplayer mode. It's the perfect Halloween game already, but that would make it great for Halloween parties (and households with multiple children, I'd imagine).

Also I forgot that pumpkins are a bit juicy, and I still vaguely smell like a gourd from where my dremel splattered the juices all over me. PSA: don't light pumpkins on fire to remove the interior webby goop. It smells bad, doesn't work, and shrinks the pumpkin since it basically cooks it. (I didn't do that, my pyro brother did, but still.)

Anyways, here's some good stuff written over the past day:

  • WingZero dishes on GunGrave: Overdose, which is just about the manliest thing since Hulk Hogan
  • As per usual on my Open Forums, here's the furbilicious review of last night's Agents of Still-Sucking-but-kind-of-starting-to-resemble-SHIELD (Seriously, I cannot believe how 2 dimensional FitzSimmons are. I expected better and I hope they die)
  • Marsh Collaborator (eeeh?) got Bonny to illustrate Gaben's true plan with the Steam controller

And that's about it! Talk amongst yourselves! I'm gonna go get a bagel.

Edit: Oh no wait, whether you like Pacific Rim or hate it, watch this:

Laughing my ass off over here. "and this one named after a stripper!"